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Facebook website feed

Facebook Feed This enhancement is a simple and powerful tool to add your Facebook content to your website in an easy and seamless way. With Facebook Feed you can increase your audience and engagement of your website visitors. Posts, Photos and Videos that you publish on your Facebook page will be automatically displayed on your website with the Facebook Feed.

QR Codes 42 Disponibilă

Create a QR code for your customer to scan. Your new QR Code can link to any page on your website or any information you would like including your contact information or social media page. Your Logo or an image can be added to your QR Code.


Testimonials is an enhancement that showcases testimonials and feedback of your company and staff on your website, this feature allows your users to submit their experience in a beautiful and creative way.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews is a simple and powerful tool to add your Google Reviews to your website. With this enhancement you can increase visitors trust by showing real people's reviews. Use your high rating and excellent reviews to prove your company offers a wonderful experience and attract new sales.