Network Issues - Effecting Email Users

Identified Our internal teams are still working on the network and server related issue. All the Windows and Linux Hosting servers are up and running except for the ones mentioned below. These are the affected Linux servers:,, Our Mail servers are still impacted due to a ... Читать далее »

14 Апр 2022
Hubspot Chat now available on Consumer Landing Pages

Hubspot Chat now supported for Consumer Landing Pages.

Log into your client area and see the new input for the Hubspot Chat feature including the Free account signup link.

30 Ноя 2020
Consumer Landing Pages adding Zapier Zaps to Platform

The ever popular Consumer Landing Pages will be adding the Zapier API platform (ZAPS) on Dec 3, 2020.

This will allow you to send your lead data info directly to your CRM that supports the Zapier API, giving our clients real time access to their lead info for automated replies within your Sales CRM.

2 Ноя 2020
Email Wizard Platform Ending on 9/30/2020

The email wizard program is ending on Sept 30, 2020. Due to changes in the Browsers by Microsoft, Google, Mozilla etc. The email wizard will no longer be support. As this was a php delivery system, the security protocols put up for SPAM protection with most ISP's this system only had a 50% delivery success rate and has to be discontinued. We ... Читать далее »

1 Сен 2020
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